A personal review of the book night

Yet, I had to justify myself: He has done more than most to keep alive their memory. What would I do to survive? But Eliezer is already destroyed.

Night by Elie Wiesel

Would I beat my own father to death for the bread in his hand? What would I do to survive? He returns to the village to tell what he calls the "story of his own death", running from one house to the next: Amazingly, Elie passes and Mr. At one point I even demanded that he explain this…thing to me.

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This book's mature themes make it better for older kids, and great for parents to engage with those readers about the thornier issues of American life, most of which are fresh today, in spite of the book's original publication date of In the Yiddish edition, for example, when Buchenwald was liberated: Add your rating See all 1 kid review.

When they had finished, each prisoner had to approach the hole, present his neck, and was shot. I hope to God that none of us will ever have to find out the answers to these questions. In each, I will reflect on how I felt after the chapter and describe its impact on myself.

Women to the right! What are the attitudes reflected in your school about the importance of learning vs. He has done more than most to keep alive their memory. It was ugly and unforgiveable. I had only been told in the vaguest terms what had happened, that so many millions of people had been killed, that Hitler and his men had sought to exterminate the Jewish people.

Fifteen years later, my second read of this book has impacted me just as much as the first. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? I woke from my apathy just at the moment when two men came up to my father. Lindon edited the text down to pages.

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Both of my grandfathers served in it and so my parents wanted to make sure that we understood the sacrifices they made, the things they saw.

Nobody believes Moshe, who is taken for a lunatic. I simply cannot comprehend the horrors the Jewish citizens faced, and do not see how something so immoral actually took place here on Earth. In stark, simple language, he describes what happened to him and to his family.

Eight months later, the Germans evacuated the camp and forced the survivors on a death march that ended at Buchenwald. I've recently been thinking that all John Green books seem to have a common language. Not only this, but the book almost has its own language of inside jokes: I showed him the corpses all around him; they too had wanted to rest hereOct 08,  · The book was amazing and helped keep up the energy of the game and the social aspect of the town, but the movie changed facts and made some moments "feel good" moments when in actuality they were horrible times%(35).

Night was a book that made one of the biggest impacts on me. I have studied already about the holocaust, and I have read many stories about people telling their point of view on these horrors, but none of those stories have made me feel the same way.

NIGHT Book Review One of the most horrifying memoirs ever written, Night was first published in English in It provides a brief, and moving account of author Elie Wiesel’s e. Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis. Night as a text for Summer Reading Experiences and/or First Year Experience courses.

In using Wiesel’s text, your pedagogical challenge involves helping students to explore concepts, themes, historical antecedents, and subsequent developments that surround the.

One of the most horrifying memoirs ever written, Night was first published in English in To mark Wiesel's 80th birthday, the Nobel laureate's wife, Marion, has produced a new translation.

A personal review of the book night
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