How to write a usability test plan

If your goal is to collect attitudinal feedback, then consider alternative research methods better suited for those purposes. You want to see a movie Sunday afternoon.

Better to catch problems early than during a session when all eyes are on you. This document will be used for discussing the plan with stakeholders and team members, and for conducting the actual test.

This purpose of this section is to give people an appreciation of what will happen during a participant session. You may need at least 20—30 participants in each target user group 4.

They are used for both qualitative and quantitative testing. For example, a task scenario could be: Format—What do they look like? It covers the highlights but misses some of the important detail. The goals will determine which UX research methodology to choose.

The usability test plan is one of those documents that always takes longer than anticipated to prepare. Scale—How much work are they? Who will provide technical support if the prototype fails to load? As more companies dip their toe in the water of user experience, this UX team of one is becoming increasingly common.

Participants Describe the key characteristics that you will use to screen participants. Everything was set, but the first participant was a no-show. Conclusion If the task scenario is too vague, the participant will likely ask you for more information or will want to confirm that she is on the right path.

To formulate test objectives, try thinking about: These sections are partly based on the the usability test plan toolkit with modifications suggested by several usability test practitioners who reviewed early drafts.

The test plan described here incorporates test objective, test logistics, user profiles, and the script. Keep your questions and body language neutral, and avoid leading participants to respond a certain way.

The 1-page usability test plan

Developers post it next to the kanban board and consider attending the test. What is the essence of a test plan? This chapter will treat usability test plans as single documents, but will indicate where you might split the document if you need to have several deliverables. Because of the extra distance, you need to write your introduction to set the tone and provide background information about the study; effectively present the tasks; and keep users on track.

Tasks that you think might be difficult. It got to 1pm and our next participant failed to arrive. You can put a simple one together in a couple of hours, but feedback from the team will inevitably identify additional concerns—everything from logistical problems to additional questions for users.

Usability Test Plan

Who will provide technical support if the prototype fails to load? Because usability testing directly involves customers, stakeholders usually want to get involved, which can extend the timeline for putting a plan together. Background information and non-disclosure information: The purpose of the test plan document is to lay out the approach for a usability test.

Writing solid tasks is critical in conducting a valid study. We were using a rented lab in a seedy part of London, above a kebab shop. For convenience, most face-to-face usability studies are conducted in-house, in a lab setting. Here are potential study plan sections: The goals will determine which UX research methodology to choose.

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This is a detailed document that describes everything from how you get to the test venue to the exact words the test moderator will use. Moderated studies tend to provide you with richer design insights and opportunities to probe and ask for clarification.Write a test plan. To keep yourself organised, you need a test plan, even if it’s a casual study.

The plan will make it easy to communicate with stakeholders and design team members who may want input into the usability test and, of course, keep yourself on track during the actual study days.

How to Conduct Usability Testing from Start to Finish

Failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s both good practice and often necessary to have a test plan before beginning a usability test. Like any plan, it should not only lay out the framework of the study, but also help identify problems with the methodology, metrics or tasks while something can still be done to fix things.

Engl Technical Writing | Assignment 6: Usability Test Plan Assignment #6: A6 Usability Test Plan Your Team will need to create a Usabiity Test Plan before conducting the actual usability testing. This plan will become a template almost like a script for you to use as you actually do the test.

I will expect. The 1-page usability test plan. If you can’t spend the time writing a test plan, you shouldn’t run a usability test”. But over the weeks, the issue gnawed at me. Usability testing isn. This document describes a test plan for conducting a usability test during the development of [web site name or application name].

Writing a Usability Test PLan Author: Susanne Furman, PhD Keywords: Usability Test Plan Template. The Usability Test Plan Dashboard. So, here’s the result of my deliberations: my attempt at reducing a multi-page test plan down to a single page: Click the image for a larger view.

Download the Usability Test Plan Dashboard as a pdf. I’ve noticed in the past that single page dashboards like this can be extremely powerful.

Managers are quite happy to look over a single page, while they may never open a longer .

How to write a usability test plan
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