Overcoming kenyas economic challenges essay

As a result of these great distances and geographic diversity, a series of regional curriculums based around a common model would be more appropriate than one national curriculum. All groups of the rural poor are vulnerable to serious risk owing to changes in weather, health, markets, investment, and public policy.

Substantial evidence suggests that a highly unequal distribution of income is not conducive to either economic growth or poverty reduction. In fact, the persistent poverty of a substantial portion of the population can dampen the prospects for economic growth.

We must develop realistic strategies to quickly create knowledgeable and capable leadership. Achieving agricultural growth by applying new technologies is one of the most important ways to reduce rural poverty. Model Inservice Program Fortunately, excellent models of international cooperation exist for training professionals in new areas of expertise.


In addition, the first requirement of a strategy to reduce rural poverty is to provide the enabling environment and resources for those in the rural sector who are engaged in the agricultural production and distribution system.

This is because the economic framework this country has been adopting was a directive from the two Breton Woods Institutions. In the first, experienced professionals are provided with additional training.

On the political front, Kenya has a relatively stable democracy, as it has enshrined constitutionally, the law of Universal Suffrage with General Elections being held every five years. Research shows that agricultural stagnation has harmed the rural poor in sub-Saharan Africa by creating food shortages and higher prices that have reduced their ability to buy food and find work.


The links between poverty, economic growth, and income distribution have been studied quite extensively in recent literature on economic development. Many resources currently exist in the educational and administrative labor pools.

And the political foundations are cemented as these exchanges of privileges are reciprocated by political support or loyalty. Historically, other cross-curricular efforts e.

In addition, economic crises and natural disasters can bring about sharp increases in poverty and make it more difficult for the poor to escape it. Experimentation will determine what level of ESD will be appropriate and successful for communities to meet their sustainability goals.

The omission of such an impetus proved to be the downfall of the s global effort to infuse environmental education into the elementary and secondary curriculums. Such a process is challenging.

In addition, it is absolutely essential for teachers to be involved in the process of building consensus concerning ESD. The answer to this question will profoundly affect each nation's course of action.

The resulting fluctuations in the prices and quantities of their assets and of what they produce can either deepen their poverty or give them opportunities to escape from it.

The world's teachers will have a central role to play in bringing this to them. The markets in which the rural poor participate are those for products, inputs labor and nonlaborand finance from formal and informal sources.

In short, the process of allocating political and administrative posts — particularly those with powers of decision over the export of natural resources or import licences — is influenced by the gains that can be made from them. ESD is Essential The initial step in launching an ESD program is to develop awareness within the educational community and the public that reorienting education to achieve sustainability is essential.

These issues should be addressed at every level, especially the national level, to ensure consistent implementation of ESD across the country. Success in ESD will take much longer and be more costly than single-message public-education campaigns.

Overcoming Kenya’s Economic Challenges Essay Sample

Basic health care and literacy. Policymakers, administrators, and teachers will need to make changes, experiment, and take risks to accomplish new educational and sustainability goals.

Overcoming Kenya’s Economic Challenges Essay Sample

If, however, the wave is missed, proponents of ESD will be looking for a foothold in the curriculum and trying to convince teachers to wedge sustainability principles, knowledge, issues, skills, values, and perspectives wherever possible.Population Structure and Economic Implications of Kenya and China - Population Structure and Economic Implications of Kenya and China In this piece of text I will be analysing and comparing the population structure and economic implications of two countries.

The two countries that I have chosen are Kenya and China.

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challenges of leadership in developing society. Since the long term salvation of developing worldwide thrust toward political and economic liberalization. Throughout the whole world, there has been an urgent desire among various people and government for unity, justice, peace The Challenges Of Leadership And Governance In Africa.

Many challenges and barriers to the implementation of successful education for sustainability initiatives are identified and analyzed. Ê Further, aligning education with future economic conditions is difficult, because economic and technological forecasting is an art.

Achieving Gender Equality, Women’s Empowerment and Overcoming economic weaknesses and getting back on track to MDG Trends and Challenges and Their Impact on Gender Equality and.

Kenya on the Right Economic Path But Challenges Abound

Sustainable Development in Kenya: Stocktaking in the run up to Rio+20 Nairobi Kenya, 2 social, economic, political and environmental development achievements made in the last 40 present new challenges to the attainment of MDGs in Kenya.

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Overcoming kenyas economic challenges essay
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