Pro waterboarding essay

And it will remain unavoidable for the foreseeable future. This is controversial not because of intellectual difficulty, but because evil is extremely tempting.

In order to fully appreciate the exquisite brutality of this human torture, a person must know what it is like to be totally at the mercy of his tormentors, his will broken, stripped of his dignity and humanity, feeling the horrendous pain of the nauseating liquid involuntarily filling his lungs, and the complete loss of hope.

The fallback on torture as policy, and the mind boggling Pro waterboarding essay to defend it by Cheney and the right wing hacks are a sign of weakness, not strength.

An ongoing review of politics and culture

While many people have objected, on emotional grounds, to my defense of torture, no one has pointed out a flaw in my argument. However, it was in the S death camp known as Tuol Slengin downtown Phnom Penh, where I found a perfectly intact inclined waterboard.

Torture transforms the victim into a fanatical and fierce opponent. Which way should the balance swing? I think you conflate the water cure and waterboarding a little much.

I would have performed far more unpleasant procedures on them without a twinge of guilt in my conscience.

An ongoing review of politics and culture

Far better to say that waterboarding is on the disputed borderline between torture and interrogation. Would you really want waterboarding to be banned under all circumstances?


Yet a dismissal of moral reasoning was at the center for the case, as it actually existed, for the torture program that actually existed, and the secrecy surrounding it.

Does this make sense to anyone? While we hold the moral high ground in our war on terror, we appear to hold it less and less. One thing I found interesting. Blog Share this Post I'd like to digress from my usual analysis of insurgent strategy and tactics to speak out on an issue of grave importance to Small Wars Journal readers.

If we imagine that the desire to use the most efficient method of interrogation drove the policy, and not some nebulous meeting of ideology and the id, what would we expect to see?

Each person reading this would face a probability of death from this source of about 0. There are camps on both sides of the issue. Admittedly, none of this would be fun. Yet in President Bush's legal wonderland, water boarding is renamed an enhanced interrogation technique.

We can be sure that he would have killed many more women and girls by dropping bombs from pristine heights, and they are likely to have died equally horrible deaths, but his culpability would not appear the same.

But they sang like canaries after a few seconds of waterboarding. They are in the process of drowning. It is not a far leap from torture to murder, especially if the subject is defiant.Waterboarding, a controversial interrogation technique that simulates drowning, dates back to at least the Spanish Inquisition, and has.

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Of course, it is a line that the pro-torture side cling to with increasing desperation, because if it turns out that waterboarding really was little help, then its advocates are merely grinning, clapping idiots, inflicting terrible suffering for no material gain.

Waterboarding, a controversial interrogation technique that simulates drowning, dates back to at least the Spanish Inquisition, and has been used some of the world's cruelest dictatorships. What Makes Waterboarding Torture? Essay - Why Waterboarding is Torture The US Reservations of the UN Convention against Torture defines torture as “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining information from a person.” [tags: Pro Human Torture Essays.

INTERPRETATION AND THE CONTINUING STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS Daniel Kanstroom* This essay is the first part of a larger attempt to analyze the deep legal and ethical waterboarding questions also involve core ideas and methodologies of human rights and law.

Pro waterboarding essay
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